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Post  FinchG on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:10 pm

Housing and feeding should really be considered before you have bought your stock
and adequate preparation should be made before purchase.

How do you intend to breed ? Colony or Cage ? It is probably true to say that all
successful breeders control breed in cages. In this way adequate records can be kept.

If you then decide to control breed, you will need cages of reasonable size, say 24"
long x l5" deep x l8" high. Of course these sizes can be altered to suit your
requirements but accommodation must be adequate.

For convenience when not breeding it is advisable to build the cages in runs of three
or more according to accommodation. Removable partitions can be inserted between
the cages and removed when breeding is over, thus providing useful flight cages. All
cage doors should be big enough to take a 5" cube nest box.

If you are buying one or two pairs you will need more than one or two cages. You
must make provision for the youngsters either in providing extra cages or
independent flights. Don't be caught napping with a bunch of youngsters and nowhere
to put them.

Heating is a matter of personal choice and the part of the country you live. In the
south it is not usually necessary as long as reasonable protection is given. In the north
the situation may be different and some slight warmth may be provided. 45% F
should be ample.

A small light may be provided for use during the long nights of winter in order to
extend the feeding period, particularly during the breeding months. Some breeders
restrict the light to a certain number of hours others leave it on all night. Preferences
vary from 10w to 45w.



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