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Post  FinchG on Sat Nov 12, 2011 12:32 pm

Sit down and enjoy your finches. NOW

When we read about all the problems with finches we worry too much.

Finches should not be the cause of worry and stress they should be cause of serenity and peace.

It seems we worry when they don't lay eggs and then we worry more when they do!

After the excitement of the new eggs we wait and worry to see if they will hatch.

Then we worry if the parents will feed them.

Then we worry when they fledge to see how the parents are treating them.

Be Happy, Don't Worry should be a Finch Motto.

Enjoy watching them take bath or just hopping from perch to perch.

Watch them build a nest or see if they try that new food you put in their for them.

You tend to forget your worries when you sit and watch your birds and for a while all is right in the world.

So take time out for yourself and enjoy what you got your finches for in the first place, because you wanted to watch them, you didn't get them because you wanted to worry and stress about them, you can have that without having Finches. FinchG

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