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Post  FinchG on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:55 pm

The only varieties that are sex linked are the Inos Cremino & Greyino and The Pearl,

The Albino is a recessive variety.

In birds (and butterflies) , males possess an equal pair of chromosomes,usually represented by the symbols “XX” females possess an unequal pair represented thus “XY”the X is male the Y is female.In all other animals it is the male that has the unequal pair.

During mating these chromosomes divide if one of the males X’s pairs with the females X we get XX a male, if it pairs with a Y we get XY a female.

In most bengalese varieties the factors for colour are carried on other chromosomes but in the sex linked inos it is carried on the sex chromosomes.

Sex linked colours are recessive,to show in the plumage a cock bird must recieve it from both its parents.
If it is recieved from only one it will be carried in split form.

Because of the peculiarities of the Y gene a hen cannot be split for ino and it must show in her plumage.

If I pair an albino with a normal (self) I will get 100% a split Albino.

If I pair a split Albino and a Albino I will get a split Albino and a Albino.

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