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Post  FinchG on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:41 pm


The Albino factor erases all trace of melanin's from the entire bird, and a pink colour is seen in nails, beak and skin, but is most noticeable in the eyes, this is due to the skins transparency, so the blood circulating beneath the skin is seen.

In the UK they breed the recessive Albino, to produce these birds the Albino factor must be present in either Split or Visual form for it to appear in the youngsters.

The colours used to pair with Albinos to produce splits are variegated Fawn Dilutes and Variegated Silvers, (these Silvers being a Chestnut Dilute Variant).

In theory any colour can be used to produce split for Albino birds, in practise the lighter colour varieties produce better quality colour in the resultant Albinos.

The use of dark birds i.e. Chocolates tends to produce smudges of grey and the White is not as clean on the Albinos thus produced. From these pairings there can also appear the occasional Dark Eyed White, these birds are particularly useful in the production of Good Albinos.


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