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Post  FinchG on Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:05 pm

I enjoy Bird Fairs and go to all the ones in my area. There are also some things I don't like.

When you go know what species you want and also write down what species are aggressive to other finches. This is something else I just learned at the bird fair on 8/6/11.

I was looking for a spice finch and this lady had them for $5.00 each so while I was waiting for her to catch it I saw three other finches that I had not seen in person and the sign said $5 so I asked what they were and she said Orange Weavers, well I didn't know about them so I ask and she said they get along with other finches and said they were all three females. I said I would take two of them and then she said "oh" they are $10 each, hmmm, they were just $5, ok I will take 2 and she wanted me to take all three but I didn't. When I got home and started looking them up they are one of the most Agressive Finches!!!! and need to be kept seperate from mine in their own cage especially when they are in breeding mode and the male is worse, he should have at least females and should be in a large aviary by their selves. I know I won't be getting a male.

How could this lady keep telling me to my face they get along with the birds I have, knowing they were aggressive? Did she really not know? She knew what species they were. Was that why she wanted me to take all 3 so she could get rid of them?

Do your research before buying finches, now I have to keep a seperate cage just for them which is not what I wanted to do.

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