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Post  FinchG on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:53 am

Went to a bird show on Satrday 3/19, to look at finches.
I bought a new cage that has a divider in the middle.
Also bought 2 societies.

When you are at bird shows and you pick a bird out of a cage of 10 or more be careful that the vendor gets the right one because once they put it in the cardboard box you can't really open the box in fear of an escapee until you get home and you can't see the bird.

There were not a lot of finches there but it was crowded and hard to get the vendors attention.
I picked out a light fawn and white society with a crest but when I got home and put it in the cage for quaratine the finch did not have any tail feathers scream1 There were several vendors with the fawn and white but it seems like none of them have time to talk or answer questions and in this cage the finches were in with the canaries.
thinking1 Did I not see that this finch had no tail feathers or was I given the wrong one? The crest is there and the color is what I wanted but how did I not see the "no tail feathers"!!
I hope they were just plucked and not something else like a disease but the other feathers look fine on the rest of the bird, so I hope they grow back. The vendor said she did not know the age and that they belonged to her friend and she was just selling them for her.

That is a draw back on bird shows unless you find a good breeder, most of them don't know the age on finches.
The white crested one I bought was also put in a cardboard box so when I got home this ones feet looked a little deformed, like the toes were over lapping.
Also there is a small bald spot behind the crest.

I did not think to look at their feet but this is a lesson I learned in both cases, look the bird over from head to toe and maybe bring or buy one of those snall travel cages so you can see the birds as soon as you buy it instead of when you get home and the show is over and you have no one to call.

The white one is pretty despite the feet and the bald spot and also the fawn and white is very pretty so I will be feeding lots of greens and egg food plus seed in hopes of them growing some feathers.

I have not taken pictures of them yet but will post them when I do.

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