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Post  FinchG on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:30 pm

These are notes from things I have read and some of my own observations while watching my Societies raise their chicks.

Like a Star @ heaven To start with I did learn that you need the biggest nest you can find. The ones I see in the bird stores are the covered wicker ones and they just are not big enough. My daughter searched for a wicker basket and found one that would fit in a breeding cage it's oblong about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. I will use zip ties to connect it to the cage bars. This would be big enough for the hatchlings so they don't fall out and also room for the parents. The nest they are in now leaves no room for the parents and the 7 or 8 hatchlings (I can't be sure on the count). The basket is very sturdy, a lot stronger than the ones they sell in the bird and pet stores. The other option would be to get a square plastic one that a lot of people use.

Like a Star @ heaven You can buy foam like they use in pillows and cut it to fit the nest and then just pich out the center to make a small hollow so the eggs don't roll around and to ensure they are all getting incubated and put some nesting material in the hollowed out part.

Like a Star @ heaven You need to make sure the food dishes do not get empty while the babies are being fed. It seems if the birds think the food supply has diminished they may abondon the nest. So I am always refilling the chopped egg dish and their seed cups.

Like a Star @ heaven I have ground oyster shell available all the time and I noticed when the parents eat to feed the chicks they always eat a little oyster shell. I did not know that the chicks got this or needed this in their food but I guess mom and dad know best.

Like a Star @ heaven I also keep spider plants around and on top of my cages since they filter out a lot of toxins.

Like a Star @ heaven I keep the side of the cage where the nest is covered to give more privacy and to keep out any drafts for the babies. I also cover 3 sides of the cage at night and leave one side open for light which I have a night light for them so if they go to the bottom of the cage at night they can find there way back to the nest or their perch. I know a lot of Finch breeders don't cover at all but this works for me and doesn't bother the birds if I go into the room they don't get spooked at night.

Like a Star @ heaven My Finches love Kale but I also know to not give it too often as I have read where it can interfere with calcium absorption. So to be safe I don't give it as often especially if their laying eggs.
Broccoli is good for a source of calcium so I will give that often if not daily.

Like a Star @ heaven I give a varity of seeds like Kaytee's Egg-Cite which is an egg enriched fortified food and Kaytee's Pro-Health with DHA Omega-3 which supports heat, brain and visual function, plus regular finch seed and parakeet seed.

Like a Star @ heaven My finches take a lot of baths so I always have to check the water dish, so I put a smaller one in the cage that they can't get in and then give them a bigger one once a day for baths. When they are sitting on eggs I give bath water all day because I know the eggs need the humidity that the birds give when they go into the nest after a bath.


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