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Post  FinchG on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:33 am

If you breed Finches you will need a lot of cages unless you have an aviary. Even with an aviary you will still need some cages for quaratine or a hospital cage, maybe to seperate some aggressive birds or for seletive breeding.

I don't have an aviary but I have 7 cages and I am sure there will be more, three of those are used by my hook bills. One of my cages was a Christmas present from my daughter along with two Orange Cheeked Waxbills, that is cage is 3 feet tall and 30 wide. My other cages are 30 wide. I have not put my finches in the 3 ft one yet because I am waiting for the fledgings to leave the nest and then put them with 5 females including their mom in there.

I will put the 3 males in my 30 wide and add any new males from the fledglings for now as I know a 30 wide is to small for more than 2.

I started with 2 societies a few months ago and now have 8 adults plus 8 fledgings and 2 waxbills

I will also add the two waxbills to the 3 ft cage as there will be a lot of places for them to hide and they can be caged with societies because they should all get along.

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