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Post  FinchG on Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:32 pm

am going to pick up this canary tomorrow 3/30/13

This is the ad:

3 year old olive colored canary with cage and supplies. His name is Ringo because of the yellow ring around his neck and is a wonderful singer. He is very sociable and spoiled. He loves to come out of his cage, look for you and eat at the table with you. He sits on my leg or my head if really wants something but does not sit on my finger. I hate to let him go but I got a dog and I don't let him out now. $25 adoption fee.

Pictures from the ad.
New Canary 3Ec3G83J25Ld5F25J8d3tf35413bac88d113d_zps3c03c58d

New Canary 3Gb3If3Mc5K55He5M9d3t572b649c469b1c65_zps4213a21c

The lady did not know what kind he was, does anyone know? I put him in a flight cage so he has a lot more room. She did say he is a very loud singer.

FinchG New Canary Birds_zps98e5f41b New Canary Dans-fleur_zpsc53bae9e
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