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Post  FinchG on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:49 am

No more room...

What happens when you reach your capicty for finches? Is there such a thing?

If you keep your finches in your house then at some point you run out of room, or do you? Do you keep putting a cage in every free space and now there is no more space, now what.

Did you ever think this would happen? If all your cages or at their limit of occupancy do you just stop? Does this mean you can't look for that special species that you couldn't find when you had room?

Even though you enjoy the ones you have you still want to get a species that you don't have, do you try and find new homes for the one species that you have had a lot of babies from? If you can't find homes or don't want to part with any of them, then is it time to stop?

For most of us that don't have an outside aviary and never will, because of the changes in climate, have no choice when we reach our "inside" limit.

How do you stop? How do you cure finch fever?

Can you stop going to bird fairs, looking on line for that finch you have always wanted but never got? No! in my case that is unthinkable.

When you have visitors come to your house do they ask "how many birds do you have?" Is your answer, "too many to count"?

I can't imagine not looking forward to getting my next finch. But at some point there will be "No Vacancy".


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