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default A Few Items I Ordered

Post  FinchG on Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:56 am

I ordered

Canary Nest-plastic3 - Canary Nest, Plastic - Set of 3

Charcoal8 - Charcoal - Aids Digestion - 8oz

KelpGranulated5 - Granulated Kelp - 5oz

KelpPowdered3 - Powdered Kelp - 3oz

PerchCup3 - Perch Treat Cup - Set of 3

freesample-herbs1 - Free Sample - Herb Salad

freesample-mm - Free Sample - Miracle Meal

seedtrough-cover-small - Seed Trough with Cover


Very pleased with my order and received it in 3 days.

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