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Post  FinchG on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:41 pm

I have never thought about having a tame finch because I know they normally do not become tame and I know there are exceptions. I have read where if you are hand feeding they are fine until they fledge then they become afraid of you unless you keep them seperated from the other finches, then they become afraid of other finches. So in my mind if you keep one seperate then its alone unless you have plenty of time to devote to it and finches are not meant to be alone. So I would not try to do that, I just enjoy watching them.

There is one of my society finches, and I think she is about eight or nine months old, that my pair of societies had . When I go to the cage to change water or add seed she is right there and sits on the seed dish while I try to take it out of the cage. At first I thought she is just curious and was sitting there by accident. But the last couple of days when I bring greens and egg food she is right there and gets on the bowl before I sit it down. Yesterday I had the bowl of greens and was at the door of the cage and here she came, so I took a piece of the collard green and offered it to her thru the cage door and she took it from me. Today she did the same thing and I fed her a few pieces thru the door again.

I don't know why she does this as I have never done anything different but it may be their cage is level with my shoulders and she gets used to seeing my face where as the other cages they all see either my whole body coming at them and I have to bend down to put their bowls in and with her and the other societies in that cage they just mainly see my face and shoulders.

It's interesting to me how one out of many seems tame enough to take food from your hand and the rest seem to panic when they see the hand. But the other societies in that cage are pretty calm when I approach but not like her.

I was also thinking if she had a clutch would her babies when they fledged follow her when she comes to greet me (assuming she keeps doing this) and see and do what she does, or is this just a friendly finch?

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