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Post  FinchG on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:41 pm

This is just to give you ideas of what avian medicine is out there and the symptoms. Before using always check with breeders, your avian vet or other finch sites...Comments are Welcome. FinchG

Symptoms --- Treatment

Air Sac Mites--- Iverlux

Bacteria Infection--- Amoxitex

Balding--- Liquid Iodine

Chlamydial Infections--- Tetratex

Clear Eggs--- Amoxitex, Hearty Bird

Coccidiosis--- Cocci-Care

Cochlosoma--- Ronex

Cuts and Scratches--- Neosporin

Dead In Shell--- Amoxitex, Probiotic

Dehydration & Stress--- Vitalize, Thrive

Diarrhea--- Vitalize, Probiotic

Dirty Water --- Aviclens, Sparkle

Egg Binding--- Breeding Blend, Calcium Plus, Vitalize

Feather Plucking (lice-mite)--- Pestex

Feather Plucking (no lice-mite)--- Feather Fast

First Aid--- Thrive, Vitalize

Lice-Mite--- Pestex

Poor Libido--- Breeders Blend

Protoza Infection (Giridia, Canker)--- Ronex

Scally Face--- Iverlux

Sick Bird (Immune System Support)--- Trive

Sinus & Respiratory Diseases --- Amoxitex

Tape Worms--- Worm Away

Wet Vent--- Amoxitex/Ronex (Mixed together)

Wound Irrigation--- Hydrogen Peroxide


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